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The Vacation

By: Bruce Levine Friday seemed like it would never come. If the time was distance and it was measured in lightyears it would still be incalculable. For Wendi Blake time had definitely […]

The Snow Family

By: Bruce Levine The snow had fallen steadily for an hour, already completely coating the lawn behind their house.             The three little girls, Jane (age nine), Ellen (age seven) and Barbara […]

The Reunion

By: Bruce Levine The road turned abruptly, taking Sydney in what seemed like the opposite direction from her intended route. She didn’t remember seeing that turn when she’d plotted the trip on […]

The Game

By: Bruce Levine It was just a game. Tiffany and her twin sister, Brianna, played it often. At eight years old the girls made up many games, partially to alleviate the loneliness […]