Category: Poetry


By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey Spring has fallenthe air bounces with fluorescentwaves intoxicating the night.I sit alone on the rocktasting the stings of starry spikesthe murmurs of trees get lostin the heat of […]

Her world

By Ian Fletcher She wakes with a slight hangoverbut nothing that the first fat jointof the day won’t promptly dispelher self-abused body long inured todaily doses of dope and booze.She looks at […]

Deviant rider

By: Hira Lal A bicycle rider going to uncertainDestination,Whereas, too long distanceCovered,Rather fatigue falls on his acrossBody,However, going on, goingOn,By coincidence a butterfly came toWay,What by untold flying ahead ofRider,Since, encourage to […]


By Alan Berger I had a dream last nightWas way deep in the sackThe heavens beheld a sightOn live T.V.Jesus Christ came backAnd who was the first personThat he wanted to see?It […]