Perfect Teeth

By: David Patten Daybreak, mist rising from the surface, the chatter of tropical birds and primates from the dense rainforest flanking their small boat.  It’s long and narrow like a canoe, Elliot […]

Art Gallery

By: David Patten Amaya can’t suppress a wry smile.  An item of gossip has reached her.  It seems there are those intent on labeling her a witch.  Such an archaic term, unused […]


By: Karen E. Osborne Lucy’s breathing slowed. Mack’s Smith and Wesson lay on her lap. She slid moist fingertips along the barrel, sending tingles and ripples up her right arm. Dawn broke. […]

of Birds and Cats

By: Allan Lake Before dawn, birds utter crazy praisesto their sun god. They wake me,make me recall that circle of downyfeathers left in courtyard yesterday.Silenced. A soft scene to give pause. Abandoning […]

A Crazy Old Man

By: Alan Berger The next thing you knowCould be the last thing you needSoCall an ambulanceOr let it bleed As dead leaf’s scatterI tryToSeparate the fear in my headFrom the heart of […]

The Shadows of Penumbra

By: Md. Saber -E- Montaha In the shadows of penumbra,Lies a world so dark and cold,Where nothingness reigns triumphant,And alienation takes its hold. The bleakness of this existence,Is felt by all who […]