By: A Byrd Called Bird Wheeling in a chaos-scapeShe flutters down the winding streetSlipping between the empty people,Before she turnsLike the hand bursting from the lakeCrowning clouds with glittering diadems of frozen […]

Vanishing Acts

By: Charles Varani I              Kenneth had invited me along for a picnic, along with Miko, his wife then, at the reservoir outside of town. I’d met Kenneth in college and we […]

Mr. Macaroon

By: Jim Bates “Sorry to have to tell you this,” Doctor Jensen said, not looking all that sorry, “but you’ve got celiac sprue.” Celiac what? It sounded serious. “Am I going to […]

Rosary & Rites

By: Sterling Warner I:         First Dysfunctional Confession “Bless me Father for I have sinned; this is my first confession,” I began, knowing I’d correctly uttered my lines. During the past few days, […]


By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey Rain, rain bringcoolness of your showersto scorched plantssilent and sultry.Rain, rain bringyour torrents to earthparched and thirstyin restless summerto sprout the grass,ferns and dry leaves.Rain, rain bringrelief to […]