By: Brian Michael Barbeito  I lost my sweater. It was because I was helping people, some old folks who couldn’t carry their luggage. I couldn’t ‘not,’ help, seeing them struggling like that. […]


By: Ebisike Chinedum Tender shrubs thicken as the rain contends with the earth for space. The shimmers of the stars remain like twinkles until dawn, paving way for the stubborn sun before […]

Dark Diary

By: Domonique I – gazing into the moonwaiting for speech the floorboards creakwithin & beneath Love & Lust( & pixie dust ) fogs the lone window asthe hounds run wild. from the […]

Red Dirt

By: Domonique I awakened in the Bush after riding back with Romey after the footy.      With some English holiday giving us the day off school, Romey and his cousin, Credence, took […]

Four Spring Haiku – 2

By: Jim Bates Dark rain clouds liftingBright sunshine cascadingTranscendental day. Deep woods forest pathLeafy green canopy aboveSleepy shade below. Springtime misting rainTender garden shoots reachingThirstily drinking. Fresh lilacs bloomingLily-of-the-valley tooSpringtime scent so […]

Mending Yard

By: Abu Siddik The orange sun is peeping throughThe twisted branches,Trucks, buses, and cars are speedingOn the highway The old man by the road is mending the yard—Carrying a bag of white […]