Category: Poetry

Poem: Labyrinth Moon

By: Kris Price The day’s bone gnawed through the blue winter frost that surrounded the bum on the street corner. He flicked his silver lighter to make a small fire in the […]

Poem: Secondhand Moonlight

By: Hana Khalyleh A dingy harem, scattered with junkies, Stinking of lust and dusty Forget-Me-Nots A black-veiled, crimson-lipped beauty Night-haired and spacey-eyed Purple painted nails laced with cigarette smoke And a stubby […]

Poem: Goodbye

By: Monika Nair Dark and dense as the color in my veins, The ink laughed hard, about to run through the paper white, Beginning to start an end, I mused over what to […]

Poem: The Illusion

By: Monika Nair At two distant places…there’s a transparent me and a translucent you. As we walk together, our shadows follow us. I watch them play little games…watch them merge and then, diverge. […]

Poem: SSC-10th

By: Sushmita Kaneri 10th has such a length, I wonder when it starts and end. In the initial days all are so ‘bindass’ freak, But later the UNIT TEST arises and we become […]