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I find words beautiful: KJ Hannah Greenberg

KJ Hannah Greenberg is an Israeli author and poet known for her unique and engaging style of writing. Over the course of her career, Greenberg has produced more than 40 books, including poetry, short stories, essays, and novels.

Greenberg’s early career began, in 1975, with a newspaper column. Since then, she has gone on to publish in several genres, including poetry. Her poetry collections include: Communicated Childbirth Options (Seashell Books, 2023), One-Handed Pianist (Hekate Publishing, 2021), Flames and Fire (Seashell Books, 2021), Rudiments (Seashell Books, 2020), The Wife/Mom (Seashell Books, 2019), Beast There—Don’t That (Fomite Press, 2019), Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties (Unbound CONTENT, 2017), A Grand Sociology Lesson (Lit Fest Press, 2016), Dancing with Hedgehogs (Fowlpox Press, 2014), The Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag (Dancing Girl Press, 2014), Citrus-Inspired Ceramics (Aldrich Press, 2013), Intelligence’s Vast Bonfires (Lazarus Media, 2012), Supernal Factors (The Camel Saloon Books on Blog, 2012), Fluid & Crystallized (Fowlpox Press, 2012), and A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend (Unbound CONTENT, 2011).

Greenberg’s short fiction often explores a variety of themes, using her sharp wit and unique perspective to create stories that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. Her short story collections include Owmapow Rides Again (Fomite Press, 2022), Demurral (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2020), Walnut Street (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2019), the omnibus, Concatenation (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2018), Can I be Rare, Too? (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2017), Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2016), Cryptids (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2015), The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles, 2nd ed. (Bards and Sages Publishing, 2015), and Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things, 2nd ed. (Bards and Sages Publishing, 2014).

In addition to poetry and fiction, Greenberg also has numerous essay collections published that include Granny Does It, Vol. III: A Morality of Meaning. (Seashell Books, 2023, Forthcoming), Granny Does It, Vol. II: A Rhetoric of Identity (Seashell Books, 2022), Granny Does It, Vol. I: As Time Permits (Seashell Books, 2022), Sweet and Sour: Womanly Thoughts (Seashell Books, 2021), Simple Gratitudes (Propertius Press, 2020), the omnibus, Smiling and Nodding with Alacrity (Seashell Books. 2020), The Nexus of the Sun, the Moon, and Mother (Seashell Books, 2020), and Whistling for Salvation (Seashell Books, 2019).

Overall, KJ Hannah Greenberg’s writing career is a testament to her creativity and skill as a writer. With a diverse body of work spanning several genres and mediums, she has established herself as one of Israel’s most innovative and exciting literary voices. Literary Yard spoke to her over the video call and tried to learn about her writing journey and the challenges she faced. During the conversation, she has some advice for those willing to see themselves as writers.


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